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 Kashmir has rightly been referred to as the paradise on earth because of its natural beauty. This has brought the valley a historical garden tradition and has undergone many changes through the ages, mainly influenced by different cultures, religions and rulers during various periods. It is this scenic beauty and bountiful nature that lured the great Mughals to lay scores of the gardens all around in the valley along their camping sites and journey routes from and to plains. Besides, the creation of formal design of gardens, the other important constitution was the concentration towards propagation of many exotic trees like Chinar, cupressus and flowers like irises, narcissus, lilies, Tulips and may other ornamental trees, shrubs, climbers, annuals, bulbous plants etc. In this background the great gardens enjoyed and continue to enjoy a place of pride. Soon after  independence revival of these gardens and creation of new recreational sites received due impetus especially in view of Tourist oriented economy of the State. As a consequence an independent department of Gardens, Parks and Floriculture now Department of Floriculture was created by the State Government in 1969 under direct control of Prof.K.N.Koul, Mamaji of lt. Smt. Indira Gandhi to look after all Floriculture related activities in the State. Since then much has been done in renovating the old gardens and developing new sites and complexes. The department is contributing significantly by adding new varieties of flowers and beautification plants in existing gardens and parks. Some potential areas are being developed as new gardens and parks  by the department.  At present the department maintains more than 275  gardens and parks in Kashmir covering approximately an area of 500 hectares. The number is ever increasing.
The State intends to propagate floriculture as an important economic activity and hence thrust on its commercial exploitation. The Department of Floriculture is providing technical know-how support for plantation and proper maintenance of plants and also by way of setting up Nurseries therein growing greenhouse seedlings, and helps in commercializing this activity through:

  • Demonstrative units
  • Training Facilities
  • Supply of other inputs at Subsidized rate and Market Support under centrally sponsored schemes.

The demonstrative units are set up to establish the technical feasibility of the proposal. Training Facilities include providing know how about setting up of green houses and maintaining them, proper growth of cut flowers, handling equipment, post harvest treatment of cut-flowers and the packaging practices. The department also provides subsidy on purchase of material forgrowing of  high value crops like carnations, roses,liliums,hydrangias and Tulips etc (50% of its cost) for the maximum purchase for an area of about 4000 sq.mts under controlled conditions by individual private grower.
Department also guides and assist the entrepreneurs in marketing of the cut flowers. Department has linkage with departments and institutions engages in marketing of floriculture products at National and International level including Agriculture product Export Development Agency (APEDA), New Delhi.
J&K State Industrial Development Corporation extends the promotional support as well as commercial banks / NABARD provides financial assistance for floriculture project.
A large  number of floriculture growers have set up their units in almost all the districts of Kashmir under the technical guideline and supervision by the experts of the Department. The marketing of cut-flowers could be tied up in European and Gulf Countries where demand of Lily, Rose, Carnations, Gladilieus tulip cut flower and other varieties is quite high, The State of Jammu and Kashmir has suitable climate conditions to grow the flowers on commercial lines for National and International markets. Under green house  polyhouse conditions, the flowers can be grown through out the year.
The main varieties, which are grown in the State, include Gladiolus, Roses,  Lilly, Tulip, Hycenthus, Carnation etc There is an increasing demand of Marigold flowers by the visiting pilgrims (more than 4.2 millions) at Vaishno Devi Ji. Its total production is estimated at 600 to 700 quintals and unfulfilled demand of the State is of the order of 800 quintals. These are exported during the month of October to November from the State and imported to the State from Delhi etc. in July and August.


"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
-Gerald De Nerval

"Flowers bring to a liberall and gentlemanly minde the remembrance of honestie, comelinesse and all kindes of virtues."
- John Gerard

"Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you".
-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi